Produktbild: CAN plugin card for ISA-slot (XT), 1 channel
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CAN Plug In Board CPC–XTI

Special Features

  • Active CAN interface with local preprocessing by integrated microcontroller
  • One or two CAN channels, equipped with CAN controller NXP SJA1000
  • Microcontroller Dallas DS80C320, 32kByte SRAM, 64kByte flash
  • Firmware resident in flash, programmable within the system, adaption possible
  • Development kits for Windows 2000/XP available


CPC–XTI is a short plug in board with integrated microcontroller for the CAN bus. CPC–XTI is available with galvanic separation and internal power supply of the CAN transceivers, optional are one or two CAN channels. Due to the internal buffer for CAN messages CPC–XTI qualifies especially for use with operating systems where latencies are not exactly specified (e.g. MS Windows). The message oriented interface is designed in particular for applications that have to capture a substantial part of the bus traffic, such as control and visualisation systems. Alternatively to the operation with standard software provided with the delivered device CPC–XTI also offers the possibility to execute application specific firmware. For special application needs, a 64kByte flash ROM and a 32kByte SRAM are provided. The on board microcontroller Dallas DS80C320 compatible with industrial standard 8051, but considerably more powerful, allows the use of existing experience and development tools for many users.

Technical Data

Bus Interface

Pin assignmentConnector D-Sub 9 complying to CiA DS-102
Type of the physical connectionISO 11898 / Transceiver PCA82C251
Maximum voltage on bus pins±30V referring to bus ground
Isolation voltage with galvanic separation±500V


Base address in PC memory 1 kByte in the range C0000h –FFFFFh, adjustable in steps of 1 kByte PC interrupt channel One interrupt within range 3 – 7

Scope of Delivery

  • Plug in board CPC–XTI
  • User Manual
  • Driver library and sample application for MS-DOS
  • proCANtool CAN-Monitor for operating systems Windows 2000/XP