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Ordering information:
Windows Development Kit General13-00-001-20
Windows Development Kit Single13-00-002-20
Linux Development Kit General13-01-001-20

CPC Development Kits

Special Features

  • Common API for EMS CAN interfaces on all supported platforms (Linux, Windows)
  • Support via telefon and email directly by the developers free of charge
  • Updates free of charge


The CPC Development Kits for Windows and Linux offer the needed support for the developer of own applications for the PC/CAN interface family CPC. They include the device driver for the interface and a library, whose API forms the software interface to the application. Due to the fact that this interface is device independent an application can communicate with all interfaces supported by a device driver. Easy source code examples facilitate starting. The common API between Linux and Windows guarantee an easy portability. No further royalties will arise while distributing the application in binary form due to the company bound development license model.

CPC Development Kit for Windows

Special Features

  • Supported languages: C/C++, Delphi, C#/.NET
  • Libraries for Borland and Microsoft compiler
  • Support for Windows 7/8.x/10

The Windows Development Kit is available with two different licenses.

  • General License
  • Single License

The Single License is bound to exactly one CPC interface. It is intended for evaluating purpose or single quantities and has a favourable price. A change to the General License is possible at any time and needs only recompiling of the application. In most cases the General License is recommended, because it is not restricted and is paid off already with low volume quantities. Both license versions are bound to the company and not to the developer.

Scope of Delivery

  • Developing License
  • Runtime Environment (device driver, runtime DLL)
  • Support Files (sample projects, libraries, header files)
  • User Manual

CPC Development Kit for Linux

Special Features

  • Supported language: C
  • Kernel driver as source code, libraries as binaries
  • Support for Linux kernel 2.4.x up to 4.x.x

The Linux Development Kit is not bound to the developer but to the company. Due to the same API access it is simple to port the own developed software from Windows to Linux.

Scope of Delivery

  • Development License
  • Kernel Driver as source, library as binary (32/64bit)
  • Sample application
  • Documentation