Product image: Aktives Printer Port CAN Interface, COM-Anschluss, paralleler Druckerport
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CAN Printer Port Interface CPC–PP

Special Features

  • Mechanically robust CAN interface for more complex requirements
  • Active design with local preprocessing by integrated microcontroller
  • Wide power supply input range
  • Connection to the printer port - usable also on notebook computers
  • Suitable for device and system configuration, analysis and training/education
  • Development kits for Windows 2000/XP available


CPC–PP is a compact CAN interface for connection to the printer port of IBM compatible PCs. Due to it’s handiness and the robust construction - CPC–PP is completely enclosed by epoxy resin - it qualifies especially for system configuration, mobile diagnostics and service at the face. CPC–PP ist a powerful active interface and includes a CAN controller of type NXP SJA1000 as well as an integrated microcontroller. This allows preprocessing of CAN messages with functions for filtering and busload measurement. Due to the internal buffer for CAN messages CPC–PP qualifies especially for use with operating system where latencies are not exactly specified (e.g. MS Windows). The message oriented interface is designed in particular for applications that have to capture a substantial part of the bus traffic, such as control and visualisation systems. The conceptional properties of CPC–PP ease the development of application software. The integrated microcontroller disburdens the PC and performs a preprocessing of CAN messages. A programming interface with interface functions on high level with modular design facilitates the software development. A library of interface routines for different programming languages is supplied. In addition to the conceptual characteristics, the reasonable price of CPC–PP contributes to economical all-in solutions.

Technical Data

Bus Interface

Type of the physical connectionISO 11898 with transceiver PCA82C251
Maximum voltage on bus connections± 30V referring to bus ground
Supply voltage CPC-PP7 – 14V
Supply voltage CPC-PP/EX12 – 30V


Base address in PC memoryI/0 range of the corresponding printer port
PC Interrupt (optional)IRQ of the corresponding interrupt

Scope of Delivery

  • CAN printer port interface CPC–PP
  • User Manual
  • proCANtool CAN-Monitor for operating systems Windows 2000/XP