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EtherCAN MC/H4L212-20-303-20
EtherAN MC/ARM7/H612-20-306-20

Ethernet/CAN-Gateway for Mobile Applications

Special Features

  • Based on 32 bit microcontroller Samsung S3C4530A
  • Integrated power management (power off for all peripherals possible)
  • Switchable TCP/IP interface (i.e. wake up for WLAN)
  • 6 CAN channels with SJA1000
  • Available with 4 high speed (82C251) and 2 low speed transceivers TJA1054
  • Available with 6 high speed (TJA1041) transceivers
  • Support of CAN protocol 2.0A and 2.0B
  • Serial interfaces (i.e. connection of GSM modem)
  • Custom applications possible


EtherCAN MC is designed for mobile analysis of CAN systems. It is suited for use in systems where more than one CAN has to be tracked (i.e. automotive applications). Further features of EtherCAN MC are the integrated power management, an ethernet and a serial interface. The power management allows low power consumption, when all peripherals of the CPU are in sleep mode or are powered down. Nevertheless a wake up CAN message will not be lost. A WLAN adapter may be connected to the ethernet interface and a GSM modem to the serial interface (RS232). The device has a 32bit microcontroller (ARM7 core), embedded Linux operating system and 6 CAN channels equipped with NXP SJA1000 CAN controller. Two versions are available. One is equipped with 4 high speed transceivers (82C251) and 2 low speed transceivers (TJA1054) and the other is equipped with 6 high speed transceivers TJA1041. An application development kit for creation of custom applications is included.

Technical Data

Layout and Connection

The 6 CAN channels, as well as other I/O signals and the power supply are connected via a D-Sub 25. The following table shows the connection scheme:

Pin Name Function
1, 13, 22 GND Ground
2, 14 CAN_L 0, CAN_H 0 CAN channel 0
3, 15 CAN_L 1, CAN_H 1 CAN channel 1
4, 16 CAN_L 2, CAN_H 2 CAN channel 2
5, 17 CAN_L 3, CAN_H 3 CAN channel 3
18, 19 CAN_L 4, CAN_H 4 CAN channel 4
20, 21 CAN_L 5, CAN_H 5 CAN channel 5
6, 7 RTL 4, RTH 4 Termination resistor terminal CAN channel 4 (nur H4/L2)
8, 9 RTL 5, RTH 5 Termination resistor terminal CAN channel 5 (nur H4/L2)
10 +5V_EXTERN Output +5V/600mA (switchable)
12 WAKE_EXTERN Input (+12V DC) for external wake up signal
24 DO_HS Digital output, „high side“ switch
25 Vcc Power supply

The RS232 connector scheme is shown in the following table

Pin Name Function
2 RxD Receive data line
3 TxD Transmit data line
5 GND Ground

Nominal Values

Parameter Minimal Typical Maximal Unit
Supply voltage 8 12 30 V
Current consumption operating (bei 12V) n.s. 170 n.s. mA
Current consumption sleep (bei 12V) n.s. 15 n.s. mA

All values, unless otherwise specified, refer to an environmental temperature of 20°C.

Scope of Delivery

  • EtherCAN MC/H4L2 or EtherCAN MC/H6
  • Application Development Kit