Product image: Compact I/O Modules for CAN automation and controlling
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CIO-AI8-DI4-DO8 11-03-101-20
CIO-AI8-DI8-DO8 11-03-102-20
CIO-AI8-DO8 11-03-103-20


Special Features

  • CAN I/O module for industrial applications
  • 8 digital outputs 24V
  • Analog voltage and current inputs in different combinations available
  • Analog voltage inputs useable as digital inputs
  • Easy integration in CANopen systems
  • ISO 11898-2 (CAN high speed) compatible physical layer
  • 24V or 12V nominal power supply
  • Galvanic decoupling of CAN transceiver
  • Extended temperature range
  • Compact size


CIO is a versatile I/O module for the CAN bus. Designed for industrial series applications it has a robust and cost efficient layout. CIO supports 8 digital 24V/500mA output and 8 analog input channels. The inputs are splitted in 0-10V voltage and 0-25mA current inputs. The voltage inputs may be used as digital inputs as well. Four of the eight output channels can be configured for PWM output. CIO is configured by read and write accesses to registers. Configuration is stored permanently in an EEPROM. Different modules in the same net are addressed by their module ID which is assigned by the user. A module with an unknown ID or with an unknown set baud rate can be resetted to default by a special mechanism. For integration in CANopen systems, CIO may produce a startup message and the module reacts to start node and enter preoperational commands.

Available Products

CIO-AI8-DI4-DO8 CAN IO module with 4 analog voltage inputs (0-10V) useable as digital inputs, 4 analog current inputs (0-25mA) and 8 digital outputs
CIO-AI8-DI8-DO8 CAN IO module with 8 analog voltage inputs (0-10V) useable as digital inputs and 8 digital outputs
CIO-AI8-DO8 CAN IO module with 8 analog current inputs (0-25mA) and 8 digital outputs

Scope of Delivery

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