Services for CAN based Systems

EMS offers it's experience in the design and troubleshooting of CAN components and CAN based systems to other CAN users.

CAN Component Design and Production

The experience gained in the design of CAN components for our own product lines as well as for customer specific applications puts us into the position to implement application specific CAN devices within short time and with forseeable results at reasonable cost. Due to our inhouse production capability we can also provide complete solutions. If you need custom CAN components please e-mail us and provide a rough description of the task.

CAN System Troubleshooting

More than once we have been called to solve problems with unstable CAN systems, which failed due to physical layer problems or communication protocol misconcepts. In some of these cases the users had been searching for weeks - with wasted money and broken deadlines as result. With the experience from the support offered to those users we can most likely solve your problem within one day. If you desperately need a working and reliable CAN system - please e-mail us.