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A9, departure: Pfaffenhofen (66) Leave the highway at departure (66) Pfaffenhofen and choose Pfaffenhofen, Schweitenkirchen, Au In der Hallertau as your direction. Follow the street for about 1.7 kilometers passing Niederthann, Winden and Prambach. After you left Prambach you will reach a T-crossing where you turn to your's left. On there you will find the way to Hettenshausen. Follow this street the right of way with direction Ilmmünster and leave Hettenhausen after about 1 kilometer to reach Ilmmünster finally.
A9, departure: Allershausen (67) Leave the highway at departure (67) Allershausen and choose Hohenkammer as your direction. After reaching Hohenkammer turn to yours right with direction Reichertshausen while looking for signs to Ilmmünster. After a while you have to turn to yours right again following the mentioned signs. Reached Ilmmünster look for the street named "Freisinger Straße" and if you've found it finally look to yours right for the crossing with the street named "Hettenshausener Straße". Join this street.
Reached Ilmmünster, city limit north (Hittostraße, Hauptstraße) After reaching Ilmmünster the street you are already on is named "Hettenshausener Str." After about 250 meters you reached the main administration location of EMS located at Hettenshausener Str. 26.
Reached Ilmmünster, city limit east (B13, St2084 / Freisinger Straße) After leaving the B13 and entering the street "Freisinger Straße" turn to yours right after about 800 meters. You are on the street "Hettenshausener Straße" now and want to look for the building numbered with 26, found right by the crossing to the street named "Starzenbachstraße". This is the main administration location of EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche.

EMS, location map Ilmmünster

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EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche - Ilmmünster
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